RVGUARD Electric Power Tongue Jack, 3500LB Trailer Jack for A-Frame Trailer with Manual Crank Handle, 18inch Lift, 12V DC and Bright LED Lights, Black

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Color: Electric


  • Specifications: RVGUARD electric trailer jack has a lifting capacity of 3500 lbs and the maximum lifting range of 18". The standard tube diameter for A-frame trailer jacks is 2-1/4" (outside), and the drop leg travel is 5-5/8".
  • Simple Operation: Just push the button and the jack will raise or lower automatically, saving your time and energy. DO NOT retract the jack exceeding the STOP limiting mark otherwise may result in damage to the jack.
  • Durability: RVGUARD electric trailer jack is made of heavy-duty steel. The black powder coating on the outer tube and the zinc-coated finish on the inner tube greatly resist corrosion and extend service life.
  • Special Design: Our electric power jack is equipped with an LED light, ensuring great performance even at night.
  • Manual Operation: The crank handle is for manual control in case of the power outage. Twist off the anti-dust cap from top of the jack. Insert the manual crank handle provided into the access hole and engage with the drive screw. Rotate the handle counter-clockwise to extend the jack and clockwise to retract it.

model number: RGETJ-3500

Part Number: RGETJ-3500

Package Dimensions: 32.5 x 9.5 x 7.0 inches